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United in Spirit

October 14 - October 28, 2018

We live in a world that feels more and more divided - yet as Christians are called to be one. Our October sermon series "United In Spirit", shows where we'll go through John 17 over the next four weeks and talk about what it truly means to be united.


That the Disciples Be One

October 14

This Sunday, we're using John 17:1-5 to talk about being One with the Father. We'll look at the gift of invitation to unity, the difference between unity and uniformity, and how Christ models this through prayer.


Jesus Prays for You and Me

October 21

Jesus calls to church to be different, to be set apart and to be working on, as Paul puts it, "making every effort to work toward unity in the bond pf peace". What sets us apart is that Jesus came to reconcile us and to reconcile the world back to God.


That We May Be One

October 28

We wrap up our series on United in Spirit this Sunday by looking at Paul's discourse on unity in Ephesians 4. Here he encourages believers to make every effort to work toward unity in the bond of peace. He says peace and unity do not come naturally to us; in fact, just the opposite.

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