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Living to Get or Living to Give

November 4 - November 18, 2018

We take a turn this Sunday towards our Stewardship theme of "Living to Get, Living to Give, or Giving to Live." There is a vast difference between living to get and living to give. Many mornings I get up and measure out coffee to place in the filter, yes, I am a little old fashioned about that, and try not to get too much or too little, because I do not want my coffee too strong or too weak. So, measuring is important.


Choosing Your Measuring Cup

November 4

Our scripture this week talks about what measure we use in our giving, and living is the measure that will be poured back into our lives.  God is so generous to us that God always gives us the very best and desires to pour blessings upon us. "Good measure, shaken down, running over" is the scriptural promise in Luke 6.


It's a Blessing to Give

November 11

Sunday afternoon, a group of confirmation students, parents, and other church members headed to Washington DC to participate in a Teens Opposing Poverty (TOP) trip.  Students and adults build relationships with Christ and one another as they distributed these items and prayed with those experiencing homelessness in Washington DC.  As stories were shared and students reflected on their experience, a common thread emerged: it is better to give than to receive. We see that easily each time we engage in mission - but it's not just true then! We'll continue to explore this idea, through the lens of Acts 20 as we engage in week two of our stewardship series. 


Living to Get, Living to Give, Giving to Live

November 18

This week we look at God's people in the Old Testament and the predicaments they got themselves in because they forgot God. They forgot God's Word, set up idols, forgot to take care of the poor, needy, and orphans. We tend to be a people who forget.  Be thinking about how, as scripture puts it, you can step up a cup in the giving of your financial resources towards tithing and the giving of your time and talents in serving God and others.

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