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God made us to feel. God, in His infinite wisdom, crafted us with emotions. However, from the depths of joy to the pangs of sorrow, from the warmth of love to the chill of fear, emotions bring us both heartache and joy, confusion and satisfaction.


Emotions can be a double-edged sword, capable of both uplifting and burdening our spirits. They lead us through valleys of heartache and to mountaintops of joy. They can leave us bewildered in their unpredictability, yet they also provide us with profound insights into our innermost selves. As Christians, how do we navigate these emotional waters in a way that honors God and enriches our lives?


This month, we are going to seek wisdom from the Bible on how we can effectively manage our emotions, especially negative emotions such as anger, envy, sadness, and anxiety. Managing emotions as a Christian is not about suppressing or denying our feelings, but rather about surrendering them to God's care and guidance.


By anchoring ourselves in faith, embracing vulnerability, practicing self-awareness, seeking balance, and extending grace, we can navigate the emotional waters of life with wisdom, grace, and integrity, ultimately drawing closer to God and experiencing His peace that surpasses all understanding.

In Christ,


Pastor Won

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