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The Armor of God


What do you know and believe about spiritual warfare? Regarding the idea of fighting against evil forces, typically we see two approaches. On one hand, many people completely ignore the existence of evil forces and the idea of spiritual warfare, acting as if they don’t exist. When they think of evil, they often think of a cartoon image of a horned and hoofed ‘devil’ and dismiss any belief in such matters.


On the other hand, there is a group that is excessively consumed by the idea that everything is related to evil and demonic action. This approach also has negative consequences. Paul, in his letter to Ephesian Christians, says that we must recognize that there is a struggle and evil forces that challenge us in practicing our faith.


Our enemy, Satan, uses his power and influence to hinder us from living our faith such as forgiveness, regular prayer, resisting temptation, and deepening our understanding of God. As Paul talks about the ongoing battle that Christians are engaged in, he talks about the tools and armor that are available for Christians to fight spiritual battles.


Later this month, we are going to read Ephesians chapter 6 and learn about the spiritual battle and the armor of God that is given to us by God. Through this sermon series, “Armor of God”, may we take up the full armor of God to withstand challenges, remain steadfast, and win the spiritual battle.

In Christ,

Pastor Won

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