Job Description for Director of Preschool Ministries




The Director of Preschool Ministries will supervise the overall operation of the Culpeper United Methodist Church (CUMC) Preschool program.  The Director has the responsibility of developing and maintaining a Christian based learning environment for preschool children within the life and ministry of our church. 


Preferred Qualifications
  1. Have a genuine love for Christ and people, especially children.

  2. Be a Christian and an active member or constituent of a church.

  3. Strengths in administration, recruiting and delegating.

  4. Bachelor’s degree in education, child development or other similar degree.

  5. Must have a basic knowledge of child development.

  6. Ability to create positive, healthy relationships with parents and children.

  7. Ability to interact with new people, especially children.


Hours and Days of Work

The Director of Preschool Ministries shall work a minimum 25 hours per week.  Weekly daytime hours during the operation of the Preschool will be the primary work time along with necessary administrative hours before and after school time hours and during special events. 



The Director of Preschool Ministries will be under the day-to-day direction of the Executive Director with overall supervision by the CUMC Preschool Board of Directors. 


Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties may be accomplished directly or through the use of staff of the Preschool working as individuals or as a corporate group. 



A.      Instruction and Curriculum Development
  • In cooperation with the Preschool teachers and the CUMC Preschool Board, plan a developmentally appropriate program suited to the needs of the children attending the preschool.

  • Supervise teachers in planning the curriculum and carrying out the daily program.

  • Secure substitutes when appropriate.

  • Plan field trips to relevant community sites for purposes of learning.

  • Plan and coordinate visits to Culpeper United Methodist Preschool by community helpers and others for instructional purposes of learning.

B.      Administrative Responsibilities
  • Provide updates and information to the Preschool Board of Directors on any issues pertinent to the operation of CUMC Preschool and meet with them as scheduled. 

  • Oversee Extended Care program.

  • Work with the Church Accountant on completing payroll, developing the preschool budget, fee collection issues and paying               expenses in relation to the preschool.

  •  Complete all state regulatory paperwork and inspections annually to maintain License Exemption status and submit to appropriate agencies.

  • Prepare attendance and informational files for each child in regard to application and state mandated immunization records.

  • Plan annual graduation events for children completing the preschool program.

  • Purchase necessary supplies for operation of the Preschool.

  • Have thorough knowledge of Child Protection Laws and the CUMC Child and Youth Protection Policy and ensure that health and safety regulations are maintained.

  • Write a monthly newsletter article for the CHIMES and prepare a monthly Leadership Team Report.

  • Write and submit weekly bulletin and web page announcements as necessary.

  • Plan recruitment and enrollment activities each spring.

  • Administer monthly Emergency Preparedness drills and complete required documentation.

 C.     Staffing
  • Interview and recommend candidates to be hired or terminated as teachers of the preschool to the CUMC Preschool Board.

  • Schedule and conduct regular staff meetings.

  • Ensure annual staff training is appropriate and completed for all staff.

  • Develop and maintain Personnel files for all staff with required medical and educational information

  • Conduct evaluations both annually and as needed with all staff specifically addressing strengths and areas for improvement.  Areas of concern will necessitate more frequent reviews.          


D.      Personal and Relationship Development
  • Attend Church Conference and special planning sessions as needed.

  • Meet regularly with staff, working closely to vision and calendar Preschool Ministry activities with other areas of the church.

  • Attend professional conferences and workshops when possible.

  • Present informational seminars for parents as necessary.

  • Communicate effectively the mission and vision of CUMC.       

E.       Other tasks as necessary for the successful operation of the Preschool


The duties and responsibilities may change and therefore, those outlined here are not inclusive of the full spectrum of the position.  The Culpeper United Methodist Church Leadership HR Team reserves the right to amend the job duties and responsibilities as needed or recommended by the CUMC Preschool Board (and with providing reasonable notification) at any time.