What to Expect at the Prayer Event

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Matthew 18:20 (NIV) "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Ho hum. 24 hours of silence? Ugh. Boring. Feels like being a monk.

Uh, no. Not this prayer event.

If we're honest, our flesh does not like the thought of concentrating in prayer for 15 minutes, let alone 24 hours. So what is this prayer event about? Well, let me tell you . . . glad you asked. :)

Need prayer? Feel burdened to pray for others? Come and pray. Depressed, discouraged, feel hopeless? Come and be ministered to.

Come and be a part of a 24-hour prayer event that could change your life on March 2-March 3, 7:00am – 7:00am.

See the prayer schedule and stations below and come for part of the event or all of it. 😊

Individual prayer stations (17) invite you to pray for needs you might not have even thought of. God is at work in our church - don’t miss out on this opportunity to pray together as a church family. We will also have corporate prayer times for our children, the youth, the sick among us, and our church, as well as a prayer walk and a movie night to give us motivation.

And don’t worry – if you are the strong, silent type, there is no pressure to pray out loud. Just come and bask in the moments created just for you and God at each of the stations and then rejoice as we gather together to corporately celebrate what God is doing as we pray for burdens shared.

Below are the prayer stations and a schedule of prayer events for the day. If you see a station that interests you and would like to volunteer to help set up that station, please email Denise Pass at: modernworship@culpeperumc.org

Prayer stations:

1.         Unforgiveness – Youth Room

2.         Names of God – WBB Room

3.         Golden Bowls (prayer requests to post on wall in War Room) – Ladies’ Parlor

4.         Church: Leaders/Staff/Members/Lost - Sanctuary

5.         Praying the Promises – Ladies’ Parlor

6.         The Cross – Confess sins – Sanctuary

7.         Praying for Marriage - Sanctuary

8.         Praying for Children - Sanctuary

9.         The Helper – Community Room

10.       Salvation – Community Room

11.       Write it Down (letter to God) – Library

12.       Beauty of God (painting) – Fellowship hall

13.       War Room – Prayer Room

14.       Praise Wall – Front right of Sanctuary

15.       Giants in the land (things you want others to circle) – Front left of Sanctuary

16.       Children’s art station – writing prayers – Community Room

17.       Books on Prayer – Fellowship Hall – Library

A refreshment station of juice, water and beverages will be available, and a delicious breakfast will break our fast at 7:00am in the morning. You do not have to fast to participate in this event, but if you do, we will keep you well hydrated! Come and experience sermons and worship targeted toward the vision God has placed on our hearts, videos on prayer, quiet sessions of individual and corporate prayer and a movie at midnight, all geared to reigniting our hearts in passionate prayer as a church.

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