Coming Home

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Join us this Sunday for the Homecoming Potluck!

This past Sunday's Easter services were such a needed refreshing to our souls. Hearing the good news of the salvation that comes by faith in Jesus Christ is like coming home—back to who we are and who we were made to be—His. To a place where we are completely accepted unconditionally. All the noise of the world just disappears when we consider the love of our kind, Holy God, Who gave Himself on our behalf so all of our sins might be forgiven.

How fitting, then, to have our homecoming on the heels of Easter. A time of remembrance of what God has done in our past and joy as we consider God's faithfulness in the past will also be there in the future for our church. Those who have served in our midst before come and return to share a message. This Sunday you can come and hear messages from Pastor Gordon (8:00am), Pastor Mike (9:29am) and Pastor Nancy (11:00am) as they share their hearts, and then enjoy a good home-cooked potluck meal.

Where are you at in your walk with God? Do you feel far away from home? Our brother, Mike Nieman, shares more of his testimony of salvation this week on the Black and White podcast. You can hear part 2 here. When we have wandered far away from home and from the calling of God on our lives, the LORD is able to bring us back.

If you are discouraged this week, here is a post on Choosing Joy from my Seeing Deep blog. No matter how down we may feel, we have a Savior who can restore our joy. When we "come home" to who we are and whose we are, all of life's problems disappear. God can restore our hearts, relationships and ignite a calling in our hearts when we are in His word and with His people. Come home this weekend. You belong.

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