At CUMC, we believe it is fundamental to establish core values where the word of God and prayer are foundational in unifying and connecting us to God and each other; and to recognizing that everyone has spiritual gifts received from God, who calls on us to use those gifts to make unique and humble contributions in the body of Christ. In achieving these beliefs, we pledge to make a strong commitment to the following Core Values:


 We desire to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We express this through serving and worshiping God through the study of His Word, music, prayer, praise, preaching, and stewardship to respond to God in all areas of our lives, including our work.  (Luke 10:27)


Every person matters to God. We desire to share God’s love in real ways through kindness, compassion, care, and service, and to be willing to give witness to the hope we have within us. We are involved in missions - locally and abroad to actively love our neighbors, ministering to their physical and spiritual needs by sending empowered and equipped disciples of Jesus Christ into the world to reach out to our community, nation, and world to help others and to share our faith in God. (Luke 10:27)


We desire to offer a strong Christian education focus to provide opportunities for all ages to be able to grow on a spiritual continuum we refer to as our vision—Seek, Know, Grow, and Go, and to invite each person to take responsibility for their personal spiritual practices, abiding by our Statement of Faith and becoming good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us. (John 7:15-18, II Timothy 2:15)


We desire to be a people that God might dwell among—Holy and set apart—being open, honest, humble, accepting, welcoming, and non-judgmental. We recognize we are better together than we are apart. (Matthew 5: 38-48)


We desire our church to be the center of the community life in which the lonely find friends, the sinful find forgiveness and understanding, and believers find the support of those who believe the same Christian principles. We desire to welcome all who come to seek God as our guests so that everyone who comes to CUMC will know that Jesus and our Church family love them. (I Corinthians 12:20-26)