Job Description for Part-time Modern Worship Leader



The Part-time Modern Worship Leader will give leadership to Culpeper United Methodist Church’s Modern Worship Service by leading the congregation in music, prayer, scripture and other avenues of worship.


Preferred Qualifications
  1. A love for Christ and people.

  2. Intentionally following Christ through regular spiritual disciplines (e.g.: worship, prayer, reading God’s Word, silence, fasting, journaling, etc.).

  3. Strong, positive experience in the Christian church.

  4. Gifted in communication, instrumental (be able to lead on either piano or guitar) and vocal music; possess qualities of a leader as well as the ability to identify and develop future leaders.

  5. Ability to recruit, work with and develop a team of musicians and a worship design team.

  6.  Strong team player among fellow staff working cooperatively to strengthen all areas of the church’s ministries.

  7. Self-motivated, possessing organizational and administrative capabilities.


Hours and Days of Work

The Part-time Modern Worship Leader is an exempt position that shall work a flexible schedule of 20 hours per week. Some weekly daytime and evening meetings as well as Sunday mornings are required.



The Part-time Modern Worship Leader will be under the direct supervision of the Lead Pastor and work in cooperation with the Executive Director, Director of Music, A/V Coordinator and other staff.


Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties may be accomplished directly or using volunteers working as individuals or small groups. Recruiting, training, organizing and overseeing such volunteers is an integral part of this position assignment as it permits the efficient accomplishment of numerous tasks and duties that would not be possible for a single individual.



A.      Worship
  • Coordinate, plan and provide leadership and music for Sunday morning modern worship service.

  • Coordinate and plan discipleship for the worship team; cultivate fellowship and unity on the team.

  • Meet with the Lead Pastor weekly for worship planning to discuss service themes, media resources and other elements to be included within the worship service. Coordinate with the A/V personnel, the Director of Music and other staff as needed.

  • Select, arrange and prepare songs, scripture, prayers and relevant media for weekly worship.

  • Assist in leading special worship services as needed during the year such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Sunrise, and Christmas Eve.

B.      Worship Preparation
  • Practice with worship teams and vocalists weekly.

  • Prepare all materials for praise band rehearsals, including chord charts, lead sheets, sheet music and YouTube links, as necessary.

  • Set up all equipment for rehearsals and services. Store and maintain equipment upon conclusion of rehearsals and services.

  • With assistance of the Lead Pastor and other staff, create and distribute the order of worship to the worship team each week.

 C.     Organization
  • Recruit, train, and develop new worship team members.

  • Recruit, train and develop worship support volunteers.

D.      Equipment Responsibilities
  • Purchase and maintain instruments related to leading worship.

  • Be responsible for the praise band sound equipment for all special events, programs and services.

  • Be up to date on current trends in all areas of worship including music, visual arts and media and expanding the church’s resources in those areas.

E.       Communication


  • Write and submit a yearly report for Conference.

  • Serve on the Worship Committee.

  • Help educate the congregation on new styles of worship via articles in various church publications.

  • Communicate with the church office regarding scheduling and submitting of articles, announcements, and service specific inserts.

  • Attend and participate in staff meetings and staff development as scheduled

F.       Other

  • Assist Pastors, as able, in providing pastoral care, especially to those in our congregation that attend the modern worship service.

  • Assist with special church-wide functions as able, such as VBS, Easter Fun-time Day, and other events.

  • Prepare and submit Modern Worship budget request to Finance Team.

  • Submit purchase orders and receipts in a timely manner.

F.       Other Tasks As Assigned

The duties and responsibilities may change and therefore, those outlined here are not inclusive of the full spectrum of the position. The Leadership HR Team reserves the right to amend the job duties and responsibilities (after providing reasonable notification) at any time.